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Consulting 5
New Ideas for Planning, Financing and Organizing a Profitable Proton Therapy Center
Alprazolam Bulario Anvisa Project Duration:
90 days
Challenge Overview:
A six hospital health system in a densely populated market seeks to better understand feasibility and financial options in developing a proton therapy center.
Can I Buy Xanax From Canada Accelitech Solution:
Accelitech’s team of legal, financial and medical experts evaluated specific market conditions and produced a comprehensive plan and approach to market for the client’s development of a proton therapy center. Accelitech identified physician, business and non-traditional opportunities specific to the client’s unique value proposition and current market position. Recommendations were made as to how the proton therapy project should move forward to secure optimal success in the client’s new endeavor. Overall feasibility and business planning considered joint venture opportunities, confirmed market and physician level demand for proton therapy and even provided configuration and facility options. The project included but was not limited to: • Feasibility Study • Market Assessment • Physician Alignment Strategies • Legal Evaluation • Regulatory Due Diligence • Financial Modeling • Funding Sources • Reimbursement/ROI Planning • Business Plan Recommendations
Project Outcome:
The client was ultimately empowered with a detailed roadmap for developing a viable proton therapy program including an optimal financial structure between the client and financing sources that limited risk, maximized likelihood for success and provided speed to market.

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