Accelitech full-cycle technology management process.


As more patients seek out advanced therapies that are minimally invasive, highly effective and provide them with a better quality of life throughout treatment, the demand for state-of-the art healthcare services has grown greater than ever before. Unfortunately, the hospitals and physician groups who want to deliver this technology often face a prohibitive capital gap.
Accelitech is an industry leader in the full-cycle management of technology-based treatment centers for cancer care and beyond. We have extensive experience and proven expertise to create a specialized center that will be clinically and financially successful — and get it to market quickly.

Partnerships to Create and Deliver Cutting-Edge
Cancer Treatment Centers

Our partnerships are inspired by technology, driven by experience and sustained by results. With ten separate locations and several more in development, we know exactly what successful technology ventures look like. Because of our regulatory, legal, financial and executive experience, we're able to accelerate progress and successfully navigate every stage of development.

From feasibility study to equipment procurement, construction oversight to operational management, Accelitech can get you up and running quickly and provide you with the highest likelihood of success. And our vendor-neutral model can be applied to virtually any technology venture, so physicians and hospitals can provide their patients with the latest treatment technology they demand.
Accelitech healthcare technology.
A Turnkey Approach to Full-Cycle Management

Business Planning

Accelitech's legal, financial and medical experts evaluate specific market conditions and produce a comprehensive feasibility study. All the doctors, hospitals, clinicians and investors who will comprise the LLC are assembled, and a structured financial agreement is put in place. Reimbursements are validated and decisions and recommendations are made as to how the project should move forward.
  • Feasibility Study
  • Market Assessment
  • Legal Evaluation
  • Regulatory Due Diligence
  • Financial Modeling
  • Key Issues Addressed
  • Recommendations

The Technology to
Succeed. Accelerated.

With Accelitech, accessing the latest technology and creating a successful specialty program is fast and easy. By working with us as partners, physicians and hospitals can acquire the latest technology and develop successful healthcare programs in an accelerated time frame. As a vendor-neutral company, we can apply our full-cycle management model to virtually any healthcare technology, getting the latest treatment to the most patients in the places it will do the most good.
We understand that strong partnerships are critical to our continued success. That's why we treat each venture as a long-term relationship, leveraging best practices from our expanding network of healthcare centers to create and maintain a balanced site that benefits all parties. In addition to planning and development, Accelitech will take an active role in both day-to-day and long-term management, so our hospital partners and physicans can do what they do best — help patients.
As technology continues to evolve, newer treatment opportunities may present themselves. Accelitech continually stays ahead of these trends, looking for new ways to help our partners offer patients the best care possible. With our experience, expertise and proven model, we can project a clear picture of any opportunities and provide the solutions to ensure success in each and every venture.

Our People

  • Kerwin J. Brandt Photo
    Kerwin J. Brandt, President and Chief Executive Officer, is responsible for leading the Accelitech team, ensuring that key milestones are achieved, maintaining strategic partnerships within the healthcare industry and securing funding necessary for targeted growth. Kerwin also manages the joint venture and technology financing arrangements. Prior to founding Accelitech, Kerwin was the Senior Vice President, Technology Ventures and Chief Financial Officer at NeuroSource. Read more >
  • Scott Milligan Photo
    Scott Milligan, Chief Development Officer, is responsible for driving Accelitech's overall business growth. His efforts include the creation of joint ventures with providers and vendors to bring emerging medical technologies to market. Scott works with physicians, senior leadership teams and board members for provider organizations to establish balanced and equitable long-term partnerships. Prior to founding Accelitech, Read more >
  • David G. Sheffert Photo
    David G. Sheffert, Chief Legal Officer, General Counsel, is responsible for the development, structuring and implementation of the legal structures that accommodate the client's desired joint venture arrangement. His efforts include maintaining a current understanding of the federal and state laws that pertain to hospital and physician joint ventures, leasing structures, syndication strategies and related legal issues. Read more >
  • James A. Te Winkle Photo
    James A. Te Winkle, Chief Strategic Officer, is responsible for the development and ongoing operations of Accelitech's joint venture partnerships. Prior to founding Accelitech, Jim was Senior Director of Operations, Technology Ventures at NeuroSource. There he was responsible for managing a national network of hospital-based stereotactic joint ventures and for developing a standardized operational process for joint venture implementation and development. Read more >

developing a center

Our full-cycle management model enables physicians and hospitals to acquire and deliver the latest healthcare technology to patients quickly and with minimal risk and capital outlay. Each venture is supported by our equipment and financing partners and backed by our management expertise, clinical network and reputation for long-term success. Together, we can deliver patients the best care using the latest technology and unprecedented timeframe.

  • Thoracic Surgeons
  • Neurosurgeons
  • Radiation
  • Urologists
  • Access to capital
  • Non-recourse structures
  • Speed to market
  • Vendor knowledge and neutrality
  • Limited financial risk
  • Turnkey support and management

Our Partners

  • Penrose-St. Francis Health Services, an Accelitech partner.University Medical Center, Tucson, Arizona, an Accelitech partner.
  • Cooper University Hospitals, an Accelitech partner.St. Peter's University Hospital, an Accelitech partner.
  • Lafayette General Medical Center, an Accelitech partner.Catholic Health Initiatives, an Accelitech partner.
  • St. Elizabeth, an Accelitech partner.HCA, an Accelitech partner.
  • Hospital of Yale-New Haven, an Accelitech partner.Swedish Covenant Hospital, an Accelitech partner.
  • Hermitage Medicial Clinic in Ireland, an Accelitech partner.Centura Health, an Accelitech partner.
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  • Jim Te Winkle to Assume Position of Chief Strategy Officer


    Chicago, IL — February 12, 2013 - Accelitech today announced that Jim Te Winkle will assume the position of Chief Strategy Officer (CSO). As CSO, Te Winkle will play a key leadership role in developing Accelitech's business strategy and identifying market transitions to support the company and its cancer center clients in executing against growth opportunities while mitigating risk. Te Winkle will help shape Accelitech's approach and business plans as it moves into new, adjacent markets and will drive the development of new business strategies that enable their clients to benefit from the Accelitech network of physicians and healthcare providers.

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  • Abstract: Prostate Cancer Study Using SBRT Technology


    "SBRT involves ultra-precise delivery of very high-dose radiation using converging, finely collimated beams," explained Alan J. Katz, MD, JD, a radiation oncologist at Flushing Radiation Oncology in New York City.

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  • Mortenson Construction Retrofits Chicago High-Rise To Accommodate State-of-the-Art CyberKnife Cancer Institute of Chicago


    Chicago-Mortenson Construction has completed a state-of-the-art multi-tenant medical facility for Chicago CK Enterprises, LLC, with tenants that will include the Michigan Avenue Radiation Center and the CyberKnife Cancer Institute of Chicago, a program of Swedish Covenant Hospital. In particular, the CyberKnife Cancer Institute of Chicago will be the first program to offer CyberKnife precision radiation treatment in the city of Chicago. In building the 10,000 square foot facility, Mortenson solved some significant construction challenges presented by the cancer treatment center's special equipment requirements and its location.

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  • CyberKnife Cancer Institute of Chicago Is the First to Offer CyberKnife Treatment in the City of Chicago


    CyberKnife Cancer Institute of Chicago, a program of Swedish Covenant Hospital, is the first and only center within the City of Chicago to offer the revolutionary CyberKnife stereotactic radiosurgery treatment. The 10,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility is treating patients with cancers of the brain, spine, pancreas, prostate, kidney, liver and lung. The technology is also effective for certain nervous system conditions like trigeminal neuralgia and arteriovenous malformations. The center is supported throughout the Chicagoland area by 24 credentialed physicians as well as a partnership with Radiology Oncology, S.C., a division of Alpha Med Physicians Group.

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Case Studies

Accelitech partners with physicians Accelitech is the industry leader in full-cycle management of ventures to secure proton beam therapy, SRS technology and other cutting-edge healthcare programs. With eight existing locations and several more in development, we are among the fastest-growing private developers in the country.

Physician-driven Venture

A group of physicians approached Accelitech seeking to bring emerging technology, Sterotactic Radiosurgery (SRS), to a relatively small southern market through a regulatory compliant ownership model. Read more >

Hospital-driven Venture

A large academic hospital was facing capital challenges that threatened their ability to remain competitive. Read more >